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TriStar offers a substantial array of payment plans to landowners in exchange for the privilege to operate the tower on their land when the current ground lease expires.  A cornerstone of the TriStar offer is Rent Share: TriStar offers to all landowners the opportunity to share in the total rent actually generated by the tower on their land.  The key for a successful transaction is which of the following payment plans works best for the landowner given the particular circumstances of the tower on their land and the terms of the existing ground lease.

Pay Over Time – TriStar has worked with many landowners who value and prefer to keep the recurring payments they get from their existing ground lease.  TriStar recognizes this value and offers a payment plan that substantially increases the payment amount AND continues to make regular payments to landowners over time for as long as the tower operates on their land.

Lump Sum Payment – TriStar has worked with landowners who seek a large single payment or “Lump Sum Payment” in exchange for the recurring cash payments they receive from their existing ground lease.  The landowners’ underlying reasons for seeking a Lump Sum vary but include: a near term large cash need, investment diversification, and estate planning.  TriStar is an expert in unlocking tower site value, and landowners are often pleasantly surprised at the size of the Lump Sum Payment they receive from TriStar. 

1031 Transactions – TriStar has worked with landowners who seek to convert the value derived from the tower site on their land into another real estate asset without a tax consequence.  These are known as “1031 Transactions” and are named after the specific IRS Tax Code that governs such transactions.  Though more complex, TriStar has worked with landowners and their attorneys to satisfy this type of request.

Combinations – TriStar has worked with and provided to landowners payment options where a Lump Sum Payment is made today and the recurring payments to start up again in the future. TriStar has also paid Lump Sums over more than a one year timeframe for landowners who had specific reasons for such a payment plan.  The question we ask the landowner is, “What works best for you?”

At TriStar, we take great pride in working with landowners to structure transactions that meet their unique needs.  TriStar.  More rent today. More rent tomorrow.